The conclusion of the first blog. Well waking up this morning, I found at that Stevens Pass received more snow overnight than Mt. Baker (200"+ base), and that almost never happens. 25 inches of new, more in places, less in some, but overall, super sick. The snow was falling near Seattle in the morning which is rad. Driving up was slow: there was snow on the raod very low, and most Seattle drivers blow ass when it comes to winter driving. After chaining up, I got to the pass.

Half the parking lots were baracaded by walls of snow plowed in the morning. Basically, there was a shitload of fresh. Quickly I was on the mountain, and at the top in moments, with fresh powder to be had. First line consisted of a nice tree slope, that rolled steeper with a nice ~20ft drop into heaven, followed by very large orgasmic turns. Next run: pow. Following run: pow. Pow pow pow.

Got into some sketchy situations because of the abundance of snow. Ealier in the season, some lines are definitely sketchy, so they arent skied. But now, the snow has filled in so much that the horizons have been expanded. Hell, a cliff we were hitting back in January, a decent 15fter, is buried. You would never know it was there. Anywho, skiing washington means skiing trees, and sometimes they get dense, and they can get steep. Needless to say it can get tricky.

Many cliffs, many steeps, many beautiful faces, many chutes and couliors, all skied. It was grand. This is like the 10th ligit pow day this year, and thats saying a lot.

Tomorrow is the Helly Hansen Shop Battle, yay