So yeah, this is my first blog entry. Basically this is me at the moment, missing the snow, totally broke but still a sex god, lol. Yup that's me allright, wow I totally need to do something to get my band off the ground, we STILL don't have a drummer but we've got guitar, base and lead vocals (that's me). Gonna hold a jam session sometime this weekend and see how that goes, then maybe audition some new drummers. If you live in Kanata then IM me and I'll tell you more about the position. So basically I've been spending alot of time chillaxing in my basement cause my school has officially run out of hot girls and the fact that kanata doesn't have a decent club doesn't help much either. Meh, shit happens and summer is coming up soon wich means lots of bitchin parties to go to so that kicks some ass. Also I have a couple songs I'm finally getting around to finishing so I'm quite happy with that, though I created and trashed about twenty to get these five, meh creative process mixed with poetic liscence then given to a freeskier equals total mind blowing chaos wich translated means my songs kick ass. lol, I'll leave it at that for now, not bad for my first entry.