what's up w/ ec_d?  well really not much.  I've been working all summer and am going to college right now but I don't really think I'm going to stick with it because I rather just ski and have fun right now to be honest.  I'm so anxious to start skiing.  Summer has been hell.  I pretty much just rode a little bmx, smoke lots of ganja, jumped bridges, and watched ski videos.  I live far from any events that take place and far from any good mountains with parks that I can progress and possibly get noticed.  I’m thankful for this site and I’ve been on it since my early teens.  I am 20 years old now and live on the very tip of Maine right along the Canadian border in Fort Kent.  Unfortunately I don’t foresee a chance for me to get out west anytime soon which is alright I guess.  Winters here can really suck but lately it’s been amazing.  Last year we had record snowfall and they are predicting more this year.  If this happens out town could really be screwed.  The flood last year due to the snow almost destroyed our town completely however thanks to the massive dike they built many years ago the water didn’t get quite high enough.  Here’s a video of it

  I’m going to take full advantage again and bring you guys everything via YouTube.  Surface is going to be giving me pro form so I’ll have some nice wide skis to destroy the ECBC like I did last year, only much more fun.  Last year my buddies with sled were able to pull me and I did some real sick stuff but not all of it got filmed which I’m pretty bummed about.  This year we’re going to work together and they’ll film me while I film them hit the same features on snowmobile.  They are actually quite good and they’ll hit pretty much any jump I build. It’s going to be real sick and you’ll be able to check it out on here as it happens basically.  For example I’ll have short edits like these.  Here is almost all of my footage from last year that i had posted on youtube pretty much right after i filmed that day.  I didnt film half of what i did but this year i will get everything, for now enjoy the 07-08 season in order: 

And I’m going to also make a final edit.  If I can avoid injury, stomp the double flips I’ve learned on trampoline this summer, get some tech urban and creative ecbc shots, and hopefully travel to a few contest you should have a real nice video to watch.  To all the kids living far from the resorts like me keep shredding and be creative, it can be just as fun!

here's my 07-08 season final edit.  it does have a few shots from the 06-07 season as well.  enjoy and stay tuned snow will be here soon!