Still dont no where im heading up to for my birtday weekend. I think were going to bear creek so we can do sunand go night boarding and then all day the next day but im not to sure. Kinda wana stay up in camel back and night ride there and all day monday. Bear creek is kinda tiny and its not really my favorite looking place. Never been there before but from looking at the trail map it look tiny as hell. Its kinda upsetting cause it will probly be my last run of the year cause my horse show season starts and i wont be able to get up there. Also Im hoping my neck and back is better after my cyropracter appointment today to cause its still bothering me from my fall and i dont want it to hurt when im boarding. Next week will be the best week ever to. Monday i have my concert tuesday is my birthday so im going to lunch with my girlz and then with my mom and brother for dinner, wensday im having my birthday dinner at my grandmas, thurday we will be shopping for last of our birthday party supplies, friday im sleeping over emilys and baking our b-day cake, sat is the big party which will be an all day event that will include a trip to the spa lol, and finally sunday and monday what i look foward to the mmost is the mountain. It should be interesting to c how tired im going to be when i hit the mountain but i could not have slept for a week and when i get there i get all the engergy in the world. I cant wait i need the speed so bad lol i dont no what im going to do when summer comes lol. I so cant wait for this weekkk :)