be prepaired this is a long one>

I'm pissed off, too pissed off to sleep. it 2:30am and i'm sitting by my self ranting on the internet, this sucks. today started off in what one might consider tipical fasion for your average nser, i woke up farely early got my gear together and trudged half asleep to the highway insearch of a ride to the local mountain. i waited for a half an hour for a ride and the bastard behind me got a ride before me in an empty suv with more than enough room for another passenger, especialy one with out skis! when i finaly got a ride the person decided to drop me off at the bottom of the access road, luckily i got another ride soon. by this this time though it began to rain. just like it had been doing all night not, to my dissmay, only in town but also ontop of my skihill. BLAST! only 2 people who i ride with are there and after sitting in the lodge for a while the rain finaly turns to some questionable form of snow, we brave the downpour. damn. its been raining all night and an imprenable crust has formed on everthing, they could barly even groom shit. "well at least the park is finaly setup" shitay, they're still 'hand grooming' it. we ride down an go back inside the park opens and we do a run then have a 45minute-1.5hour break to dry off 2 or 3 times. finaly it stops "snowing" and we go out more frequently. this is my first time in the park this year, i suck and im tierd all im hitting is a 10"box and a 15" table im flailing on both, 14 year old girls are showing me up. finaly after my lunch of 1 pear i start to get some flow still not hitting rails but at least i can slid the whole box now and im doing stylie little switch 1's all over the place i accidentaly do a realy pussy switch 3, i can barely do reg 3's so im stoked now. BASTARD! some one bails off the only table patroll is closing it off and it looks like the bail-ee compressed thier tail bone. i now only have the box riding through the park like a douche i begine to get restless. we goin for a late lunch, i am famished and have to spend my preshious $5 on frys, i share these and get slaped by a ugly 12 year old but i cant bring my self to hit him, he's just so tiny. this blows. ALLRIGHT! the skys have cleared abit and every thing is a bit softer now, we ride fairly hard for a while but mostly just ganstuh around, its good fun. about 3:00 my buddie says hes tierd and gunna leave, and due to a combination of not wanting to be left alone with a bunch of pubesent snowboarders and the fact that this chick is suposed to stay the night at my house but did say what time she was gunna show up, i go with. after a pleasent drive i get home i realise.... SON OF A BITCH! i left my jacket in buddies truck. "oh well its all good, i wont be needing that tonight. heh heh heh" all thats left to do now is have a shower and wait for said chick. "she prolly wont be hear for quite some time. maby ill go on msn." i spend 6 grueling hours at the comp, each one more depressing than the last finaly this friend of mine who suposed to go to a show tonight signed in and said it was cancled, reaching the grim realisation that the chick isnt gunna show i tell him he should come over. ten minutes later we're sitting out side smoking a joint, and ten minutes after i decide to have some coffee and mabey a little wiskey, but mostly wiskey. a cup o' joe and 5 shots later its time to watch a movie.

ME:"well i was gunna watch it with 'her' but i guess we could watch this. ive been meaing to rent it for a while now."

(dead alive for those in the know)

MYFRIEND:"that movie looks like crap"

ME: "fine you pick one."

he goes over to shelf

ME:"that one has lots of sex in it..."


ME:"but its realy boring and has french subtitles."

MYFRIEND(who speaks half decent french):"oh well fuck that!"

ME:"haha figures."

MYFRIEND:"whachoojus say?"

ME:"jea! fuck that shit.*gigle*"

this goes on for ages before we realise the dvd player is broken and we cant watch any thing.. we chill on the couch for a while more talking about "bitches an' shit" till he decides to go home so he can get up for work. and here i am left with a caffine buzz, a broken dvd player, and worst of all that heartless bitch didnt show, and worse than that no more wiskey to drown these strainge fellings that make me want to yell "EMO!" and punch my self in the kidneys."mabey ill go to bed." "ha fat chance loser your tierd but youve got Too much caffine in your bloodstream and lack of real spi... damn it!"i go to bed but can think of nothing but how cold it is in my room then i remember why i left the window open and turned down the thermostat on purpose this morning and of course it was 'her' ... "BLOODY FUCK IN THE EYE SOCKET!"...

so basicaly i couldnt sleep so i came down here and logged in to the ol' ns and decided to rant.

it realy wasnt that bad a bad day to be honest. i guess i just got hung up on that chick ditching.