Yesterday was my b-day. My gma is taking me to get the wrist guards i want for a present. I need them before I break wrists lol. May hit another damn water bottle hahaha. Excited to head up this weekend though if its warmer on thursday i wana hose off my board and get it ready since its been sitting for a week and  half about. I sooo cant wait to head out again people r stessing me out to much and i need to take my anger out. Even my bf is pissing me off cause god forbid i talk to another guy you no saying hi is totally flirting. Ugh w.e hes a stupid jackass. Excited for tonight my best friends comming over for birthday dinner so im hoping to get someone money for my  lift ticket so i dont have to pay for it. Also i got a new burton hoodiee man lol so excited ima put studs on it to since i got a new bedazzler so it will be mad sick. Just waiting for someone to get me the snowpants i want cause I dont have 200 bucks for  pants cause i need to get my hair done first loll.