The worst day ever. My car got broken into and lost a lot of material, so I went skiing. I slipped in my ski boots on some ice and I dislocated my shoulder, so I got high. I was feeling kinda of down so I went home. Had to get ready for my trip to breck-love, so I took some shots and had some wine. Arrived at the airport looking like a rebel, so I got stripped searched. Random guys in uniforms and my balls isn’t cool at all. Frisked, frightened, violated, but still sedated. Saw some mormons from school on the plane and passed the fuck out. Arrived in Denver feeling optimistic, only to find that the airline lost my brand new skis. So there I was talking to old people with name tags and boring lives about my shit and where the fuck it was. All I got were mindless stares and mindless responses. “ We don’t know, and we don’t really care, because either way we are getting paid. Here is some paper with some words that sound good on it. Now get lost and let us be boring again.” Cool be boring and type on computers, ill sit here with no bags, a hurt shoulder and no ride to get the fuck out of DIA. One bad day. A few hours later it was tomorrow. My ride took me to boulder and we got drunk and went to some party. I told people I was named ryan, so I didn’t give a fuck what I did. I raised some hell, broke a lot of shit and hit on a lot of girls. The end.