so i am writting this from my friend zoes' kitchen (who puts their computer in the kitchen?). i'm in courtenay, went out drinking last night, it was fun. i arrived on the island yesterday via airplane - and the plane ride from vancouver to nanaimo was only 12min. shortest plane ride EVER. it made me laugh at the fact i was on a ride that short. In the comox valley for a week, partying with friends, hiking, swimming, you know: all that stuff you do in the summer in a cool place. next weekend there is a music festival in cumberland, some good peep's are going to be playing for that, but i'm sad because I have to be in Port Alberni at 2pm on Sunday for a work meeting so I'm going to miss Xavier Rudd play Sunday evening. I was looking forward to that, but oh well.

But yea, I'm back out on the cut block next Monday putting more of those little green trees in the ground. I'll be out there doing that till the end of September. And if anyone is on their way to Tofino, we're at some campsite by the river like 2km or so past P.A. if it looks like there's people partying it might be our night off - come get drunk with us.

Compton Ass D-Rail the 3rd ESQ.