As I left Friday night for another wonderful weekend in the mountains, I was excited as always. I just love skiing and the snow and being there and everyone. yaaa. Saturday was okay. I was having a pretty shitty day not landing anything but I still had fun. Saturday night I went to a party in Albany, NH. We just played drinking games. It was good met new people and saw my old friend. My dad had to pick me up that night since I had to go home for skiing in the morning. That was an interesting car ride home. Absolutely shitfaced talking to him for 30 minutes. I totally got away with it. He didnt notice at all even though I tripped walking to the car.. hahah. Anyways, went to bed then woke up the following morning not hungover (boo ya). Went skiing again and had a much better day. Working on swtich on 450 off and I'm real close! It's frustrating, but I'll get it I just have to keep trying. Got picked up at the end of the day and drove 3 hours south home. Had to do a ton of shitty homework last night. School is really, really stressing me out. I just have so much fucking shit to do and I have no time between skiing, work, and school. Only four more days and then 2 weeks of skiing, freedom, and my favorite people! I'm really excited about that.