so i will tell you about my day.

today i woke up at 9 am from a frothy night of drinking and .. other stuff.. but i woke up and i was tired i thought my moring angst will disperse if i enjoyed a nice ice cold moslon. i was right it was fackin amazing hah. at this point people were calling me a alcoholic for starting drinking at 9 am but thats not the point. ha so i then went to a bathroom went poop it was great liittle did i know theere was a fuckgn creepy son of a bitch listeing in teh showers ( by the by im at a german campground, its leika friekn desperite trailer husbands there, lots of gossip real fuckin funny) so yeah reall fucking creepy man makin shit eating grins on his face when i walked out and he just stared wow creepy. any who so then i got bored and we hopped in my buds 90 2.7? litter mustang and we were on our way to the highway. we hopped on yellow head and were listeing to tom petty and being all chilled, im still drunk from the night before but we dont worry bout that, and WHAM DEER. dead fuck deer all over the fuckin road liek fuckgin termanator 4 raped this fuckgn thing haha but it was rightous and bruttle. after 56 minutes we realize and learn how to use cruise control some call us fuckgin retards but i dont agree we just struggle wiht the coast button, and what the fuck is set deaccell but w/e so then i get home im all happy/ sun burnt but no bigs. i go to sleep then i get up go to the bathroom go back to sleep thne i wake up to my friends who drive the stang pokin at my fuckin face with a hot dog leik fuckgin tards cuz i guess i have hovkey, so thats not cool. we leace to m hockey game adn its leik fuckgin in the middle of now where so it takes us soo long and there was lliek hundreds of native crack heads every where stealign bikes and what not so that that was sweet, so i almost scored in my hokcey game but i got a assit but hockeyts gay cuz it makes me tired but meh. so after that i came home and slept woke up and its now....219 am and i just found out theres such thing as blogs here, i saw them on opera once, my mom was watching hahah. taht was my day