Just coming back from NZ on wedensday I tried my best to beat the jet lag, and it worked! Fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 7ish both wedensday and thursday. As I've made my way down to Zurich I come to learn that the Jet lag witch I though I had beaten just was waiting for the right time to kick in!As I lay in my bed in my hotel room at 6.30 and been up for 3 hours allready. In the darkness I can hear from the other side of the room that my roomate Mr. Håtveit is having a great night sleep!Meanwhile Im just laying her with no batery on my mac and less than 10% on my Iphone waiting for the sun to rise and breakfast!
when we arrived Zurich we went thru the registration, got settled in our room and then hung out in the reception/bar! A lot of tired and jet lagged people was just sitting there, not even talking that much. Just trying as hard as they could to stay awake! At 6.30 we went to dinner with Red Bull, thanks for the amazing food.
At 10 there was a welcoming/rider intro party that we stoped by for like an hour! Everybody being tired went to bed at 11ish to try to be all rested up and fit for fight tomorrow! Myself im just gonna try to survive the day.Before i Finish up this post and prepare to stare at the wall for 2 hours I just want to congratulate Elias Ambuhl getting on the Red Bull team just last night during dinner! Stoked for u and welcome to the family!PK