The age old debate of using poles and not using poles will never truly come to an end. However, if you argue for the former, your source for ski poles likely fluctuates from the lost and found rental sticks to the mismatched and beaten up park poles you borrowed from your buddy’s Subaru three years ago.

Having a ski pole that is durable enough to handle some metal on metal action, and the careless handling of the average park oriented skier is terribly underrated, and thankfully Zipline has created a product that can take it all like a champ. Zipline has made their mark on the mogul skiing world, taking their extensive knowledge and experience of product technology, and translating it effortlessly into the world of free skiing, sponsoring top athletes like David Wise.

Their high modulus carbon fiber graphite is an alternate approach to the outdated use of aluminum in most ski poles, adding stability and reducing weight.

As someone who tends to avoid using poles outside of powder and free ride, I’m not often easily convinced by poles marketed as “freestyle” or “park”. However, Zipline nailed it with the light weight approach, making them enjoyable to use without compromising strength or durability.

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