I slept forever last night when I got back home from a long day of traveling from Austria. Needless to say, the week was awesome! Since we didn’t have internet where we stayed, I did not blog at all over there, and it’s too much to recap in just one post. Therefore I’m going to let the picture do most of the talking today!

The course.

First feature in the course.

After my little injury I had to stay in bed the day after the practice, and took a whole lot of painkillers on the day of the qualifiers. Skiing hurted like hell, and my run was not good. I was afraid to fall again. This is the results in my qualifying-heat.

Despite the fact that they don’t take creditcards most of the places and that there rarely is any internet/tv, I like the alps! Beautiful!

Final-day. Early grind.

I don’t think was any happy with watching the finals in stead of skiing, and sort of I was not either. But to be up in the slopes in these conditions is never wrong! Best day every!

This years afterparty was in a big castle in Kaprun, totally insane what they have to the place. 3 fancy nightclubs in one, all decorated like it was the middle-age.

Good to be back home again for sure, and I will try to rest up my body as much as possible. Picture is taken somewhere close to landing in Oslo.