Hello to all. Seamus Patrick here, ready to drop some knowledge on you newschoolin jabronies about the illest summer camp out! First off, to fully indulge in everything the Zero Gravity summer camp has to offer, one has to feast on the physical make up of the skatepark, resting just over the Vermont boarder. The indoor park was crafted specifically for the needs of aspiring skiers and snowboarders who are thriving to stay productive during the off-season. Here is the lay of the land.

The Foam Pit

The Ramps

The Jibs

The Tramp

Each day is usually filled with what seems like an eternity of blading, skating, jumping and so on throughout the park. Fortunatley for the campers, there is enough Mountain Dew and freeze pops to keep everybody going strong. The first half of the day is spent here where campers get warmed up practicing skiing and snowboarding-based routines in order to stay on point. The combination of blading, skating, tramping and foam pit sessions reaches uncountable amounts.

Camper Cam getting hectic in the foam pit

Camper Mike boostin the tramp

Camper Angus being nonchalant

Camper Chris bein a playa

Once the campers are satisfied with their dry land activities at the park, they then head over to the mountain where they continue to slay at life, hitting rails and boxes at the "beach". What is referred to as a place to get biddies and soak up the sun, the whaleback beach holds numerous box and rail set ups that the campers can hit due to artificial turf drop-ins, soap, water, ice rink snow, and salt.

Gettin saucy on the bajar rail

Getting hammed off coke on the flat box

X-Games veteran Dy-lon Goodspeed blessin up the flat-down box

Camper giving his rememberance towards MJ.

Myself, trying to teach he campers some newer grinds

Givin thanks and praise to Jah Rasta Marley

When everybody gets done hitting the boxes and rails, the buses are loaded up and taken back to the skatepark where the day campers get released back to their parents, and the over-nighters continue their candy-driven streak of exhausting activities. After skating and blading some more, the overnighters finally make their way back the their sleeping headquarters located at the beautiful Kimball Union Academy campus. Dining pit stops at local restaurants and ice cream parlors are often taken into action also, so that the campers can get a chance to wind down with some good food.

Camper gets ice cream slammed in his face for a copy of Head For The Hills

Chicken fingers and mashed potatoes to come

Once back at the KUA pad, ski movies are watched, snacks are munched and campers sleep, only to wake up the next day and do it all over again.

Make sure to keep an eye open for the last summer camp session in which I will be writing up and posting soon. Until then, i hope everybody is having an illmatic summer!