I knew that Zappos was located in Las Vegas so I had to take advantage the free tour to see what this online giant was all about. If your worried about buying outerwear online think about shoes, much more complicated but they have managed to simplify and create an online empire, see you there! Best part is I was answering questions on our online chat while taking the tour, you know who you are.

Yea we have sold that much in a day too.

The office was full of life and every employee seemed happy, robotics have come a long way since Disney land.
This was my favorite company motto.
Like all good things the tour came to an end and we stuck our name tags to this giant ball, give a couple tours eh? but nonetheless I was inspired by everything there was to take in at Zappos. Granted we won’t have the customer service of a multi-billion dollar company (yet) we will have the best in the industry, claim? Only claiming when its not true.
After the tour it was straight to the Liquid pool at Aria to meet up with Scotty Arnold who was already taking advantage of the local scenery, big thanks to Pierce for the hook up.
And what pool event is complete without a Deep Sea Tank.

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