Yesterday was kind of a laidback day, but I did however get some things done. Me and daddy cool had to take down the tramp for the winter, due to the weight of the snow.



Also, since we had got some new snow overnight, I re-shaped the railyard-kicker. True American style, the only way of building things in snow.

Turned out pretty cool. Or what?

Today I have had the most fun in a long time skiing. I went 8 years back to the days when backflip was the trick to learn, and when tricks where put to your feet in the backcountry. It was kind of the safe way to learn new stuff. I went to Storlien alone, but ended up beeing the coach for 15 younger skiers. It was so much fun, so thank you all for throwing down. 4 peeps learned the magic backflip, and I think they had just as much fun as me.

Since Storlien is lacking of park-features yet, I spent two hours racing next to the slalom-course, only backwards. I tried to the the cab-skiing back in the game, and in order to do so, you need to practice. Solution? Ski backwards looking over the wrong shoulder, ALL DAY.

Now it’s time for some jacuzzi and relaxation.