Josh Bryant from Jibij posted an excellent season review. I still can’t believe he posted over 200 photos! Once again he's proven he has the coolest team in skiing and no life after the season is over (just kidding buddy!). His mega post got me thinking about my own work and since I’m technically supposed to be writing an article on a local school board budget cut for the newspaper, I figured, "Why not do a recap of my favorite articles from my first season as a“moderately helpful freelancer” for"Enjoy! --------------My first work for was an interview with my good friend, Miss Lynsey Dyer. Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:MR:As they say in the movie Aspen Extreme, “Skiing is the easy part.” Are there any parts ofbeing a professional skier that you’re not fond of?LD:Sometimes the pressure gets to me and I make some bad decisions. The hardest thing by far issaying no when you're just not feeling it. Like having to hit something big in less than ideal conditions, because the cameras are out and everyone is payinga lot to be there. A few years ago something just didn't feel right above a double drop with sketchy avy conditions all around and I ignored it. A few minutes later, I had a blown knee. That's the tough part, listening to yourself even when it hurts your ego.One thing I'm super fired up about is global warming and as a skier. I feel likeit's our responsibility to get the word out about how important winter is. I'll be the first to admit that a lot of what we do is hypocritical like sledding, heli's and traveling but I'm trying to walk the walk as much as possible. I feel like the whole thing is pretty overwhelming to most of us, but I figure enough of the little things will add up. I try not to buy stuff with a lot of packaging, I turn off the shower when I'm shaving my legs, I buy powdered gatorade and reuse one water bottle instead of buying new ones, I turn off my computer at night and car pool plus I'm setting a goal of becoming carbon neutral this season. I'd love to see more skiers jump on the environmental bandwagon, hell, without snow we'd probably have to go back to rollerblading and that would suck!Picture that says it all:

Final Thoughts: Smart, beautiful, and rad – Lynsey’s got it all. ---------------One of the other pieces I was really stoked on was entitled,“The Legend of Alex Kaufman.” Alex and I are pretty good buddies so doing this article was really fun. Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:MR: Any words of advice to aspiring ski bums and/or future ski industry leaders?AK: Go to college. Work in the ski industry before it and after it. During if you can. If you are a mediocre proskier, do some soul searching and maybe start to specialize in an area of the industry rather than beating up your back or your knees for a few more years. Ski hard, but big hucking is for the youngins and those getting paid to do it.Photo that says it all:
Final Thoughts: Go to Sunday River, look for the guy on telemark skis sliding boxes, buy that man a beer, then tell him he reminds you of Dexter Rutecki.------------------------- Next was a tag team interview with Schmuck and I interviewing none other than a true living legend, Mr. Warren Miller. This interview was a dream come true. It gave Schmuck and I a chance to work together and relive some of our childhood memories. Taking this trip down memory lane was an incredible experience.Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:MR: You wrote in your online bio, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. My life is a good example of that.” On this site there are many aspiring filmmakers, writers, and photographers. What advice can you give them in their pursuit of ski media?WM: Work eight hours a day for a living and many more hours a day making movies and you’ll work all your life tobe a success overnight.MR: Lastly, I’d like to thank you on behalf of not only the community but the ski and snowboard communitiesat large for inspiring us to follow our powder filled dreams in pursuit of happiness and adventure. Any closing words?WM: Don’t ever give up.Photo that says it all:
Final Thoughts: Incredible. Thanks for everything Mr. Miller!-------------------Next wasa cool intervew with Ahmet Dadali. Ahmet is my (fill in appropriate brotherhoodterm here). I was sad to hear about his injury but stoked he’s doing better and ready to rip the mountain a new asshole next season.Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:West Coast vs East Coast. Don't try to hate on the East too muchbut there are positives to both places right? East Coast has got its mentality. All the East Coast kids over there are real strong in the head. They go out everyday no matter what the temperature or the weather is like. It's real cool out there. The West Coast just has the right conditions to be skiing everyday and for sure a lot more to work with. Both definitely have their positives and negatives.Photo that says it all:
Final Thoughts: Ahemt’s a g. He’s bad as hell. His brother will be doing an interview with me shortly so stay tuned! On a serious note, thanks for saving from a tight spot buddy and letting me crash on your couch!--------------------------Sean Pettit and I met at IF3. He's just a good kid. Plain and simple. End of story.Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:Do people in your school treat you differently because you’re in a high profile film every year and traveling the world?No, I am treated like a normal high school kid, which is what I am.Photo that says it all:
Final Thoughts: I love the normal kid angle. It’s so true. Keep up the good work Seany! --------------------------The Training at Keystone article was one of my favorites! Read the Full Article Here: Favorite Highlight:Alright Jon, we’re about to get off the lift so one more question. How’s the Lambo with the ski rack?It’s pretty good; you know I’m trying to figure out if I should keep it. It’s not that cool to keep a car for two years but I sort of like it. I’m in deep thoughts about what I could change it for. I don’t know what could be better, maybe a Rolls Royce Phantom with a ski rack. If I get double gold at X-Games, I’ll buy a Rolls Royce Phantom.Photo that says it all: Chip Kalback is the man. See all the photos!Final Thoughts: This was the best article-related trip of my life. I got to fly on a plane and everything! You guys in Colorado don’t know how good you’ve got it.----------------------Simon's World Record is the craziest story I've ever covered. So much fun with so many good people.Read the Full Article Here: Highlight: To be honest the best part of this trip was being there. Watching Simon and his family share this moment was a heart warming experience. It’s easy to forget at the end of the day we’ve all got some sort of family we’re hoping to make proud. Photo that says it all: Really, the photo that says it all wasn’t the world record shot. It was this one:
Final Thoughts: Congrats Simon!-----------------------Battle My CrewRead the Full Article Here: Highlight: The party that night was incredible. I met so many members from NS this weekend, many of which are people I consider good friends today. Pat and Brandon deserve a ton of credit for throwing their necks out there with part 2 of this unique contest. I hope I can make it again next yearPhoto that says it all: Doug kills it on his birthday and Dan Brown takes great photos!
Final Thoughts: See above statement. This party rocked!--------------------Mt Snow OpenRead the Full Article Here: Highlight: Seeing my old friends from Freeskier and all of the East Coast crew.This was the perfect EC weekend! Photo that says it all: Taken by my favorite photographer in the world, Amanda Cola. Ladies and Gentlemen, Parker White
Final Thoughts: It was great seeing my friend Digital Dave on stage calling this event. My favorite phrases included, "Whoa, he's pulling out early" and "She's getting elegantly playful in the pipe!"--------------------NS Does College Week:Read The Full Article Here: Highlight: Day three saw the arrival of the Bula crew and NS Editor/Celebrity Jeff Schmuck from Montreal. We were also surprised to find ourselves in a heat wave. That day people were skiing in shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, and sunglasses while enjoying the sixty-degree weather. All this heat made for soft landings in the park and some great skiing. It was sad to see the snow go but word has it a Nor’Easten is heading for the East Coast on Monday. Hang in there, NS’ers! That night, same story at the bar, lots of booze, lots of mayhem, and some pissing off the deck that got Schmuck and I thrown out of the bar. Hey, Sorry for partying… Night three also saw Alex jumping from one balcony to the other… Good work soldier. Photo that says it all:
Finals Thoughts: This was my first venture into gonzo journalism and I can't say that I didn't like it but from a journalistic standpoint it came off a bit too self centered. I had a great time and after rereading the article am now sick to my stomach from the thought of all the booze I downed that week. The human body has it's limits and they are certainly tested in the ski industry.----------------------So that's that. I left a few articles out but for the most part those were my favorites in no particular order. This summer I'll be posting right here on the blog. I'll try to post a few articles I write for the newspaper so you can all have a good laugh at my summer suffering. I hope you enjoyed reading these articles as much as I did pursuing and writing them. Special thanks goes out to Schmuck, Doug, Chris, and Jason in the office for welcoming to the team as a "part time bench player!" And of course thanks to you guys for actually reading this stuff! You can bet your left nut I'll be back in the fall bigger and better than ever. Thanks,Mike