Tom Leitner, Felix Wiemers and myself flew to Bucharest, Romania, last Thursday, in order to go to Poiana Brasov, where another BMW X1 Tour Stop took place. Felix and Tom where showing the tour guests some action on the kicker, that was a little bit different to what they are used to. When we arrived, we realised it would make more sense to jump it reverse, as the landing was steeper than the take off. That?s why we decided it would be best to let a X1 do the tow in.

Flo getting towed in

Double Action with X1 Tow In

“Woast wos I moan oda!?”

A local telling Felix and Tom why and how the Poiana Brasov resort ist pretty much the same as Keystone

Young guy shredding

Thanks Flo for taking us to the airport and showing us around in Bucharest! Packing the car felt like playing Tetris

from the other side

The biggest building I have ever seen, the Parliament in Bucharest