Womens slope is becoming a really enjoyable event to watch. The runs are really varied and in the last couple of years, there's been a lot of serious new talent coming through in the womens side of things. Tess Ledeux is definitely one to watch.

Run 1:

Tess Ledeux put down the first landed run of the day and it was a stormer with a bio 7 ender to set a benchmark of 90. Giulia Tanno had a slight early off in a pretty tech rail section and ended with a cork 9 to switch 10 combo. Emma Dahlstrom had issues over the place but damn that girl has mad style. Maggie Voisin put down a decent rail section too, back 270 out of the rainbow up top and a 2 on to the long down tube but a backseat landing on her 7 of an otherwise impressive run kept her score down. And then Kelly Sildaru happened. Her rail run was legitimately mens level good. Superfed up top, switch 2 up on to the rainbow followed by a b-fed on the first down rail, and then blind swap on the cannon rail to down tube that even the men largely opted not to hit followed by right 7, left 9 blunt, left switch 10 mute. It was fairly clear at this point Kelly wasn't getting beaten.

Run 2:

Isabel Aitken had a dope run going on, starting off with a textbook front 4 up top before a binding let her down on a nice looking nine. Tess Ledeux started off with the switch noses pretz 2 and was the only girl to hit the wallride but sadly went down on the jumps had to settle for her first run score. Giulia Tanno also couldn't match her first run performance and had to settle for an 80. Maggie Voisin had a pretty decent run going on and somehow the filmer ate shit and completely missed the shot while filming it. Sidenote, the follow filming all through X Games was dogshit. She bumped her score but it was only good enough for fifth thanks to a missed grab on her switch 7 ender.

Johanne Killi is another girl with really good style: 2 on to the first rail, b fed down the bottom, capped 9 blunt to switch cork 7 double japan at the bottom. Good enough for third. Kelly Sildaru slightly screwed up her first rail trick on her victory lap but actually cleaned up the rest of her run. She's just on another level from everyone else.