We may have been guilty of missing the first few runs because of drinking but replays suggest a smattering of 9s and switch nines went down. Then everything went wild. Kelly Sildaru did a perfect switch 10 high mute to get the party started, Emma Dahlstrom did an insanely steezy forward cork 7 and then Lisa Zimmerman dropped a perfect switch dub 10 to go first by some margin. Giulia Tanno then brought the switch 10 too but with a blunt and the Kelly took the switch 10 in the other direction with a mute so tweaked it'd make TJ Schiller jealous.

Kaya Turski also stomped a switch dub, followed by Giulia Tanno stepping up to the switch 12 blunt. Johanne Killi had some crazy style throughout the contest, perfect switch 7. But nobody could touch Lisa Zimmerman, who ended things with a textbook cork 9 truck. Massive shoutout to everyone who rode this contest it was a seriously dope watch.