Gold: Maddie Bowman

Silver: Brita Sigourney

Bronze: Cassie Sharpe


Run 1:

Brita Sigourney put down the first clean run of the day with solid grabs all throughout and impressive amplitude. She has to be a challenger for the gold in Pyeongchang. Ayana Onozuka and Maddie Bowman both had some solid rotations both ways but lacked on the grabs consigning them to the mid 80s. Both Marie Martinod and Cassie Sharpe had sick runs going on but crashed towards the bottom.

Run 2:

Devin put it down clean on the second time of asking, her run with a straight air, left 9, both ways 5s, alleyooop japan, left 7, switch cork 5 was one of the best runs she's put down in a comp for sure. Brita Sigourney went even bigger than before(Straight air, alleyoop japan, Cork 9 tail, alleyoop 5, left 5, right 7) all well grabbed and clean to bump her leading score to 90.33. Maddie Bowman got more grabs this time round, putting together possibly the best run I've ever seen from her including both ways 9s and a switch 7 to take over the lead with a 92.33. Marie Martinod her trademark run down for third.

Run 3:

Brita went absolutely massive, over 15ft on her left 9, but had some slight bobbles and couldn't better her score. Maddie took a pretty heavy hit on her left 9 but luckily was ok and skied her way to the bottom of the pipe to nervously await Cassie Sharpe's final run. She started off with a right 9 up top, moving her left 9 from the top hit to the bottom. Better amplitude and grabs than Maddie but less technical. She's still probably the favourite for Pyeongchang but today, it was only good enough for 3rd though. Marie Martinod was last to drop and was a couple of degrees away from taking the win, but didn't quite squeak a bottom hit ten around leaving Maddie to take the win.