StartFragmentX-Games Superpipe Final Justin Dorey 4th &Duncan Adams 6th In the 13th annual X-Games Justin Dorey, twentyyears old, finished 4th with runs that were great but had smallmistakes in them, keeping him from the podium. His enormous double back flip onhis first hits set him up for difficult, technical, stylish and crowd pleasingruns. Duncan Adams, sixteen years old, finished 6th proving he canski with the best. His runs hadhuge amplitude, technicality and incredible style.SKI SuperPipe Men's Final1 XavierBertoni 93.662 TannerHall 92.003 SimonDumont 91.004 JustinDorey 83.335 ColbyWest 79.336 DuncanAdams 74.667 AJKemppainen 72.338 KevinRolland 50.00Up next for Dynastar Lange is slopestyle, with prelims andfinals Sunday the 25th, Tanner Rainville will bring out the styleand tricks to hopefully land him on the podium. EndFragment