from By: Chris Tamborini The final two rounds were definitely a one-after-another series of awesome runs. The big surprise that's no surprise was Pep Fujas taking home silver in his first X Games. Although he skied fantastic, there's a general murmer around the crowd that Jon Olsson might have been edged out of top the two when he shouldn't have. Jon Olsson skied with authority as all of his tricks and features were executed with solid strength and landings that were unmatched. Pep Fujas without a doubt commanded a podium with his performance as well. Pep skied his second final run (the one that scored him silver) virtual switch the entire time. It was pretty awesome. The performance that Tanner Hall delivered, though, left no one booing under there breath, no questions asked...only VERY loud cheers as he capped an enormous switch 900 that landed loudly at the bottom of the course. It's not only the fact that his seemingly effortless run was nailed near-perfect, it's the fact that he ran last, after everyone of the last four runs had one-upped each other, pushing the necessary score Tanner needed to win through the roof -- way through the roof. After Pep's final score, Tanner Hall fans were chewing their fingers, nervous about the score that was needed, yet knowing that if anyone can pull it off, Tanner's the man. And as if he was the only person on the mountain who was not nervous, Tanner delivered. Congrats to Tanner. The bad news of the day is the leg injury Evan Raps suffered earlier in the runs. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for him. Check back tomorrow for skiercross notes and Saturday for halfpipe. 1 Tanner Hall 2 Pep Fujas 3 Jon Olsson 4 Steele Spence 5 Candide Thovex 6 Laurent Farve 7 Rory Silva 8 Nick Mercon 9 Chris Booth 10 Evan Raps source: