Saturday saw the release of the X Games Real Ski results. Results which, rightly or wrongly, were met with a heated response, especially here on NS. The polls were still open for the fan favorite award though, the winner of which takes home not only a hefty cheque but also a coveted spot in next year's contest. Those votes have now been tallied and the winner is:

Jake Mageau and filmers Oliver Hoblitzelle and Sanch


Here's the final tally:

So that's that. Jake and Phil will return next year to take on another stacked field of street skiers. Whatever you think of the results, Tall T Dan captured the most important thing in his comment:

"Any of these videos on their own are absolute jaw-droppers and something for the skiers and athletes to be very proud of. Skiing wins when we have an opportunity to broadcast our sport on a platform as large as X Games and ABC. So much appreciation for these guys who sacrificed a big part of their season to give us these videos. Congrats to them all."