I think it's fair to say this was not a 'classic' Real Ski year. That's not to take anything from the riders, who threw down and produced videos that will hopefully be watched for years to come. But with the lines blurred between Real Ski Street and REAL X GAMES thanks to an anything-goes approach to the rules, it was difficult to know where to put your focus both when producing and analyzing the edits.

It's clear from our own poll and a browse through the forums that for our audience at least, this was a showdown of the Alex H boys. Thankfully for our server load, the judges clearly felt the same, awarding the gold and silver medals where they belonged. The bronze medalist, however, was a big surprise to the Newschoolers team at least, and we've called the podium correctly every year so far. We're not necessarily saying it was the wrong call given the new criteria, but I do think that if I was one of the non-medal winners, I might have some questions for the judging panel. Without further ado, your X Games Real Ski 2021 medalists are:


1. Gold - Alex Hall



2. Silver - Alex Hackel



3. Bronze - Tanner Hall