Yeah that's right, it's that time of year again. It's X Games week. We've been watching all of you make your predictions over the last little while so we figured what better way to kick off the week than to give you ours, and to throw in a sweet contest for yours.

Here's the deal...In the comment section below, post who you think will be top 3 in each event (slopestyle, big air & pipe). The first person that gets all nine bang-on or closest to will win themselves their choice of a brand new pair of Fischer Habits or Addict Pros. Good luck!

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Also, for your convenience, here's the TV schedule for all the ski events...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Snowmobile SnoCross Round 1


Skiing SuperPipe Men's Final



Friday, January 25, 2008


9:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. (Eastern)

Snowmobile SnoCross Round 1


Snowboard SuperPipe Women's Final


Skiing Big Air Final



Sunday, January 27, 2008


2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Skier X Men's & Women's Finals


Snowmobile Freestyle Elimination


Skiing Slopestyle Elimination & Final


Mono Skier X Final

 And for those of you who don't have ESPN or aren't old enough to get into a pub to check it out on a big screen, keep yourself glued to NS as we're going to be in Aspen all week long giving you the best and most updated coverage available online.

So without further ado, here's who we think will be taking home the gold at Winter X Games 12...

Men's Superpipe

Simon Dumont

I'm really out of my element for pipe. I certainly enjoy watching it but my opinions never seem to be anywhere close to the results. Things I can count on: Dumont and Tanner being at the top of their game and switch skiing making a strong appearance. - Chris O'Connell

Mike Riddle

This kid is retarded in pipe. I'm probably just going with the hype on this one, but he's been putting down solid results, kills the pipe like nobody else, and is a great guy. He's been focusing on pipe and training with Trennon Paynter forever. This kid is being bred into a pipe machine and he's going to light it and smoke it. - Doug Bishop

Peter Olenick

Virtually everyone I've said this to has raised an eyebrow at me, but I've got a feeling that this year's superpipe contest will belong to Pete. With all the hoopla and cute ESPN video packages surrounding the Simon vs Tanner rivalry, I know how much Pete would love to drop in and steal the show. Combine that with the fact that after being dropped by Salomon, there's a good chance he's hungry to show them and the rest of the world what he can do. He trained hard all summer in New Zealand, has as good of a run as Tanner and Simon, and if he can throw in a grab in his whiskey flip, there's a damn good chance he'll be going home with the gold medal that's eluded him for the past few years. - Jeff Schmuck

Women's Superpipe

Sarah Burke

Sarah just wins. It's the way it is, and the way it always will be until one of the other girls can tech it out like she can. - Chris O'Connell, Doug Bishop, Jeff Schmuck 

Big Air

Jon Olsson

If Slope is dictated by the course, then Big Air is in the judges' hands. All the players are seasoned veterans but consistency will still be the key to the multi-round vs format. If the venue is in fact worthy of big air status, an issue Jon brought up last week (, I could see the Swede throwing down his doubles to win...that's a big if, though. - Chris O'Connell

Jon OlssonJon is going to take big air, plain and simple. It's going to be a double's game, because that's what the judges are going to be stoked on, and Jon is the best at them, so that's that. - Doug Bishop

Jon Olsson

Jon has been the man to beat for quite some time in the big air world, and even more so as of late. With the arsenal of double flips in his bag of tricks that others are beginning to imitate but not emulate, Jon will be a tough person to take down under the lights in Aspen this week. At the same time, keep your eyes on Jacob Wester, who in my opinion is one of the most underrated big air skiers in the game. He may just walk on stage and steal the spotlight. - Jeff Schmuck


Sammy Carlson

In a perfect world in which Buttermilk Mountain wasn't so flat, we'd have an X Games slopestyle course that could really showcase the skill level of today's top skiers in a massive jump line (Honda Session in Vail anyone?). This isn't generally the case though, with speed always being an issue for all but the most flawless runs. A little forgiveness by the course designers would go a long way towards letting the riders do their creative best. Since we're not in fantasyland, I'm going with the adaptable, un-ignorable style of Sammy Carlson that judges don't mind putting high numbers next to. - Chris O'Connell

Colby West

Colby is a fucking maniac. This guy is the most hyperactive kid I know and he focuses all of that energy into skiing. He doesn't get drunk, he's stronger than ever, and he is probably the most naturally talented athlete I have ever met in my life. He can learn any trick in one try. He can emulate any style, or come up with his own. He has calves like a fucking ox and I just think its time for his domination. The only thing that can ever get Colby is if he lets his mental game get him down. So Colby don't make me look like an asshole here and go fucking win this shit! - Doug Bishop

Sammy Carlson

In the same way that Simon and Tanner talk about how important it is to them to win pipe, it would arguably mean more to Sammy than anyone else in the start gate to take home slopestyle gold. Since he was a youngster following Pollard around Mt Hood, it's always been his dream to win gold at X, and after getting a taste by winning silver last season, Sammy has the skills and determination to make that dream come true this year, and the attitude to deserve it. - Jeff Schmuck