It's safe to say that X Games in Norway is not going off smoothly. Jossi was injured earlier today and the speed issues on the course were bad enough of a struggle that Kelly Sildaru made the call to pull out of the event entirely. That really opened the door to everyone else to take a win but as soon as things got going, you could see exactly why Kelly had pulled out.

Run 1:

Devin Logan opened things but went down on a switch 5 on the first jump after some clean rails. Mathilde Gremaud made it to jump two and showed yet again why she is going to be a big deal. Front 4 out of the drop rail, to big bio 9 and then crashed on a switch 7. Giulia Tanno was the first to put down a whole run, it wasn't totally clean but solid rails followed by switch left 9, left 5, switch 2 continuing on the axe, right cork 7 at the bottom for 81.66. Tess Ledeux went too big on jump one and crashed her switch 7, Maggie Voisin had no speed and had to straight air knuckle most of the jumps, Kaya knuckled jump 1, Emma Dahlstrom too... pretty much a wipeout this event. Johanne Killi was the second (of two) to put down a full run, with a back two to kfed combo up top, front 4 the drop, sketchy 5, switch 7, switch on forward, to cork 9 to knuckle landing on the last hit... provisional first with an 85.0. She almost killed a child crowd crashing in to the fence too.

Run 2:

Devin Logan, one of the few who did have speed for all the jumps and put down some basic rails followed by switch left 5 safety, left 7 tickled blunt, right 5, switch left 7, good for a 83.0 and eventual bronze.

Devin's bronze medal run

Mathilde Gremaud also made it down the course on the second time of asking, but she had a bobble on a kfed on the first rail and missed a couple of grabs. Definitely one to watch though. Giulia was killing it too but she got hit by the speed curse second time out. Tess Ledeux landed her entire run a couple of meters shorter than she wanted but she did keep up enough speed with some convenient backseat to sit-tuck combos. She did enough for provisional first thanks to front 4 to back 4 up top and a bio 7 to forward 9 combo at the bottom.

Tess Ledeux takes silver

Maggie Voisin was looking good at top with clean rails to a switch 9 but ran out of speed at the bottom and only managed a 3 to knuckle on the final jump. Kaya T also made good friends with the final jump knuckle and but muscled out a 5. Only good for 5th though. Emma Dahlstrom couldn't put it together and so it fell to Johanne Killi to try and take the home win on her final run. And she put her run down clean, definitely cleaner than Tess but I would have said less technical. It was enough to take the gold though and leave Tess, another huge prospect for the future, in second. The crowd went absolutely mental.

Johanne wins gold on the final run

Props to the girls who sent tonight but the course more or less ruined the show.