After a storming qualifying yesterday and a stellar women's big air event earlier, the expectations for the men's finals were high. A massive crowd watched on from the bottom of the jump in Hafjell and they weren't disappointed.

Bobby Brown opened proceedings with a perfectly stomped triple 14 mute (44) and it was game on. Andri Ragettli matched the trick but lower amplitude limited him to 41, Felix Usterud did a triple 16, Wacko a switch triple wobble 12 (39, bit sketchy) and Eirik Saeteroy another triple 14.

That's the ridiculous standard right there but Henrik, who did a double flat 12 on run 1 (40), stomped his nosebutter triple and took the lead with a 46. Ragettli put down his triple 16 more solidly for 39 points. Birk Ruud, who had been attempting triple 10s, dropped a triple 16 out of nowhere (40). Bobby Brown put down the switch double 14 which, thanks to his massive first run score, put him second with a 37. Henrik then stepped up his first trick, the double flat twelve, by adding a double japan to safety grab combo (46) for a massive lead. Birk Ruud then went triple 12 the Jackson Wells way (41). Wacko then did the same for the same score. Eirik Saeteroy more than earned a 47 for an insane switch prenose dub 12, an NBD since his one in the qualifying wasn't quite a double.


Bobby Brown, who led the running order, was sitting in 3rd and did everyone a solid by dropping in during the last seconds of the heats to give the rest of the field one more run. Henrik fell on a rodeo 1 attempt, opening the door for someone to try and surpass his 92 point total. Wacko brought the switch triple wobble 14 to the party for 41 and provisional bronze, bumping Bobby. Eirik Saeteroy actually crashed on the takeoff on his final pregrab attempt, displaying some insane air awareness to survive unscathed. But that meant Henrik took yet another big air win in yet another amazing big air event.

Saeteroy takes second with an insane prenose switch dub

And Wacko takes bronze