There are few events in skiing as progressive and well known as Big Air. The immense pressure to bring the biggest trick, the most spins, and carry style into the landing is something only the best athletes can bring. Six men entered, five left, and three had medals placed around their necks.

Bobby Brown is first out, setting the stage with a massive dub, quickly followed by a triple 1620 from Ambühl. Tjafer answered with a switch triple, Mahler's first hit was a switch dub misty. And finally Gagnier came to play with a genie grab to safety.

Alex Schlopy went down after what looked like another attempt for the 1980, (it was an over rotated 1800 according to his tweet) injuring himself and decided to withdrawal from the final. Bobby Brown walked away with medical, only to return with a new helmet after hitting extremely hard fall from a triple.

Bobby Brown manages to bring his feet back under him to secure second place.Third place goes to Ambühl after slamming and losing his break on a triple attempt. Our winner, Gagnier, looked super cash with his style and insane dub bio 1620 screamin octo. He comes into his last jump with ease and knowledge that gold is his sitting at a 91 pulling a straight air poledriver, ending the night with a bit of fun.

Vinny Cash's winning runs







Wizardry in the form of Vinny Cash

And with that, the Gagnier brothers both have an X games gold in their belts