The knuckle Huck is one of those wild events in skiing that has blown up and fast become everyone's favorite for the insanity, creativity and fast-paced nature of this jam style winner takes all throwdown.

Riders drop fast and the tricks we see are wild, fast and almost always buttery.

Joona Kangas dropped with big pressy cork variations, opening with a 5 rev mute, adding blunts, and taking it to seven. his switch tail butter 5 lead blunt was huge. Colby did some fast both-way butters with continuing 7s and 9s but his highlight trick had to be the nosebutter dub 12 that disrespected all semblance of landing. Matej is an absolute wizard and has truly reinvented skiing in many ways. Starting with a lincoln loop pretz one just boosted off the knuckle, he threw a right handdrag dub 7 and also tried to stomp a nosebutter dub 10 but brought back to 9 he couldn't hold it and and just whipped it to regs. Animal.

Jesper Tjader, truly made for this event threw a switch double backflip, dub frontflip Barani as well as a tail press to frontflip, ignoring physics. Alex Hackel put down a nosebutter cork 10, 180 to switch misty 5, and a really nice switch tail butter 180 continuing cork 5 on a dope axis. Harlaut threw nosebutter dub 12s and a switch tailbutter 3 continuing switch cork 7 Cuban. Alex Hall utilised Tokyo drifting and bodyslides with a drifted 3 misty 5 Japan that was massive, a switch tailbutter 7 true nose, a left 180 to opp carve switch 3 was sublime to watch as was his bodyside cork 180. Quinn was doing a switch tail butter 3, held super long to continuing switch misty 5, did a nollie 3 to nosebutter 9 and tried to take the switch tailbutter 3 combo round twice but couldn't hold it.

In the end, Jesper took the W for his mastery of the knuckle and physics, Matej came in 2nd and Colby took 3rd.