Cover photo: Ezra Shaw

As seen in Matchstick Productions' epic New Canadian Air Force segment, skiing back in 1998 was raw and out of control. Switch landings were pretty 'Bambi on ice', and San Diego was clearly not the ideal place to do it. But we dare you to watch these clips, or indeed the full segment from MSP and conclude anything other than that skiing was so much cooler back then than it is today. For one thing, everyone has these wild inventions called poles in their hands... starred, or more realistically, played a supporting role, in 'Summer X' alongside the likes of skateboarding, wake, moto, BMX, rally, skysurfing (?!) and more... meaning a diverse crowd from yuppies to hillbillies and a debauchery fest that makes Aspen look pretty damn tame. X Games itself, had a lot more of the old-school spirit of 'extreme sports' than the neutered TV-friendly productions of the day too. Hundreds of thousands joined crowds and this was a true time of genesis.

And the skiing itself, featuring a cast that have gone on to become legends of the game, paved the path for much of what you see today. Watch the full MSP NCAF segment below and get learned. It's time to bring this spirit back.