Cover photo: Mark Kohlman/Espn

Knuckle Huck is our favorite (live) event at X Games, and we presume the same is true of most of you. It's just nice to see something, anything different. This year was no exception and the addition of riders like Keegan Kilbride and Mango made for a far more unique contest. It's definitely a little more relatable too, since most hills have a least one jump with a huckable knuck, and it certainly fired us up to go out and crash a bunch, even if we won't be hucking future spins of knuckles any day soon. This year saw no live scoring, no live ranking but a top 3 awarded at the end of the day, rather than the winner takes all of previous years. There was no shortage of insanity on show, each rider got 5 runs and we've done our best to call the tricks in realtime, though there are probably a couple of errors in there.



Will Berman: Hang drag 3/5, switch 180 tail drag to cork 3/5

Jake Mageau: Switch butter 3 to switch nosebutter 5, stalled nosebutter 3, zero spin handrag, nollie 9 (nosedrag at 5), switch handrag 3

Keegan Kilbride: Stalled switch butter 7, nollie knuck tap late 180

Quinn Wolferman: Nollie 720 blunt, forward tailbutter 7, worm turn 5, nosebutter dub 10

Max Moffat: 540 to switch 720, switch 270 edge catch rodeo out, hand drag 7, 540 to noses switch 10

Matej Svancer: Nosebutter drift 540, 7 & 9

Colby Stevenson: Switch 3 to switch nosebutter 7, right switch 3 to switch nosebutter 7, nosebutter dub 12

Alex Hall: Zero spin handrag, switch 270 backslide tokyo drift to cork 450, nose tails nose 9 (?), switch butter pretzel 1



1st Quinn Wolferman

2nd Jake Mageau

3rd Alex Hall


Full Replay: