It has certainly gone by fast, but today is the final day of X Games. Super Sunday kicked off with Men's slopestyle, perhaps the most eagerly awaited event of the whole show. The men pulled the winning number out the bag this weekend when it came to start times and conditions. Today's slopestyle course, while still on the slow side, looked an entirely different proposition to what the women faced this time yesterday. We really enjoyed the bottom two features both being QP takeoffs because they did force a bit of a rethink for the riders. Henrik dropped out just before competing, gifting Woodsy an alternate spot. Feel free to scroll past the run recaps for highlight videos below

Run 1:

ABM was the first to put down a full run with two dope 270 to backslide combos and 4 ways dubs as is now the standard. After a strong showing in Big Air last night, he looked super solid and smooth today too. Another guy looking solid was Nick Goepper who threw three twelves through the awkward jump line to take the early lead. Alex Hall had a ridiculous rail run but tickled a couple of grabs keeping him from taking the lead.

Run 2:

Woodsy had a dope switch 4 on in his run but weirdly only a flat 3 on the first of two qp takeoffs which obviously killed his score. Evan McEachran took second with courtesy of technical rails and a switch dub 14/switch dub 12 combo on the 'regular jumps'. Andri Ragettli was a little bit ragged but showed he had a big run in his bag, including a crazy switch dub misty 10 on the first jump. Colby put down a ridiculous 2 on front swap transfer pretz 2 on the top rail, and some crazy jumps... he went pretty big on his first jump but I'm not quite sure he didn't score better.

Run 3:

Quinn traveled so far on a right dub 12 that he actually ran out of landing, managed to clip a Monster banner, and crashed. At least it was his own sponsor, good for social purposes later. ABM cleaned up his first run to go briefly third. Ferdi, who is simply the best skier to watch in comps right now, immediately bumped him out of the top 3. He has the tech and does it with creativity and style. The switch on blind swap on the flat down was beautiful. He did also stomped a super nice switch dub 12 on the final shark fin but had to settle for second. Evan McEachran stepped it up on the rails with a 2 on 3wap pretz 2 combo. Alex Hall had super technical rails, actually riding them slowly and taking risks, which made his low score(s) somewhat confusing. Andri cleaned up his run somewhat but his rails were on the simple side, limiting his travel up the leaderboard.

Run 4:

Woodsy finally stepped to the dub flatspin on the first QP takeoff vs his flat 3, which was a huge improvement for his run. Only enough for 8th but good to see him back on snow. Quinn had a dope dub 9 at the bottom of his run, and some beautiful rail tricks but the tech (in rotation terms at least) wasn't enough to bump him up the field. Ferdi dropped the 'Hunter' dick suck tuck 180 on a throwaway run, which was dope to see. Fabian Boesch didn't manage to put down a truly clean run but did stomp the only triple of the day, on the bottom feature. AHall, Andri and then Colby failed to put down winning runs to bump Nick Goepper from the top spot, leaving him with a first X Games gold for some time.


1st Place - Nick Goepper


2nd Place - Ferdinand Dahl


3rd Place - Evan McEachran