So the bad weather that pretty much killed big air last night was looming over slopestyle again today. I'm going to give you the recap before I add my opinion this time round (some opinion will probably sneak in) and see how that works out. One thing though, is X can do one for missing out loads of slope runs to show fucking Adaptive Snowboard Cross. On that note, did somebody hire a monkey with ADD to button mash the transitions between camera angles/events/stories?

First Run

Andri Ragettli does back to back triples right out the gate but misses a grab and comes of a rail early for an 80.33. Alex Bellmare crashed final hit, Evan McEachran lost a ski on the takeoff of the final jump. I'm still in Andorra so I missed the next however many runs for fucking Snowboard Cross. Jossi got an 88.3 though, with a creative rail including a switch two up on to the butter box to forwards and then a 4 out of the following rail + carved dub 12, and both switch dub 10s with signature style. Gus put down a pretty solid run with a massive switch dub 10 to finish, only good for 81.0. Henrik was pretty damn loose on his run but he was going for a massive 450 disaster and it was rad to see some style tricks, like a bio 9 thrown in. Goepper had a nuts rail section, up top but was less than clean on the jumps. McRae also had some bobbles but with a public friendly misty off in the top section, he's looking good for good scores later on.

Second Run

Andri toned down his second run making one of the trips a dub, he cleaned it up too and somehow got a worse score. Woodsy put down a banger run, with interesting rail choices but didn't score that well for some reason. Jossi Wells, who apparently used to play violin to earn ski money (what the fuck are these taglines about?), bumped his last trick up to a dub 14 but got a bit sloppy and didn't improve his score. Bobby Brown was clean but not particularly remarkable, stock rails and 3 dubs, 82.00. He did however win at sassing the commentator. "Are the conditions making it hard to triple?" "I don't know, I'm not doing a triple" *Walks away*. Gus bobbled his first rail and so didn't improve. Henrik again had issues on a couple of rails, he is a fucking ninja though. Find his second run, watch the 450 disaster, he came up short, landed flat, somehow held on and pretz 2'd out. Goepper and McRae didn't do full runs either, end of run 2.

Third Run

Andri bailed out of his third run on the second jump. Alex Bellemare stomped his hand drag dub 7 but didn't have the speed to properly clear the jumps. Evan McEachran had a banger rail section but lost a ski again, this time on the landing of the first jump. Oystein had a really cool rail line, lots of hits, creative line choice, and 3 dubs I didn't see his first run but apparently it was better. Woodsy stomped his 3rd run, same run as before but sloppy. Jossi cleaned up the same run as his leading run but with the dub 14 in, clean, bumps his score to... 90.00. Joss fell on his first rail, Bobby stomped the same run, I'd like to point out his last dub 12 is blunt was pretty cool with the late second cork. Gus has some small bobbles on the rails and his usual squeaky clean stylish jumps. He gets a 87.33, I can only assume the judges missed his early off on the second feature. Hennie didn't have enough speed (again) for his 450 disaster but he brough the style with two zero spins to end. Nick Goepper, had a super technical rail line but went down hard on his first jump. McRae was last to drop, early off the first rail, game over. Jossi Wells wins his first X-Games gold medal!

Watch The Top 3 Runs Here:

Overall, perhaps because of the shitty weather, the contest was actually pretty cool to watch (shock horror). Most guys had to focus on creative rail lines because the speed simply wasn't there for the massive jump tricks. The (slightly) more interesting rail set up also contributed. Apparently you build a course with some different features and lo and behold you get more interesting lines. Who would have guessed it! Mostly however, we're stoked to see Jossi win his first X-Games after so many events and it was cool to see such a creative trick combo in the winning run. That's it for X-Games 2016... peace!