It's hard to believe New Zealand has not kicked these guys out yet.  Debautchery at it's finest, vehicular gaps, skiing harder than anyone and podium placements.

The past month or so a mob of 9's, Seaton, Lesh and the rest of the family have been proved that no one can live the hard core lifestyle than this wreckin crew. The stories trickle in as the globe slowly hear's the scoop straight from Cardrona.  Here are a few facts



B Devine, Dave Lesh and the Subie flew with no fear while the landing looked good; the angle not seen yet shows the run out in a sketchier form.  For now it may not have leaked out so we all may have to wait for the BTV or the B and E Show coming to you soon.




Rain riddled Cordrona for a few weeks so there was a lil downtime.  Nothing stopped them from getting creative on what to do so.......Dave and B decided to grab an airplane and buzz the resort, yes!, buzzed the Cardrona with a airplane! 


Henrik and Taylor slayed it!  Nice work Taylor with the 1st place halfpipe in the NZ Open.  Henrik had not 1 but two binding malfunctions on his way to the podium.  Problem now fixed.


B Devine hit up 2nd in the Big Mountain Comp winning himself cash and a heli ride to the top.  B found the whole trip extremely amusing and may stay for an extra 3 weeks.  Don't come back B....Not snowing here yet.