Generally speaking, I like to think that I'm a pretty positive, forward-thinking person, but every so often I feel the need to dissipate my pent up frustrations and this isn't the worst medium for that. Obviously, over the years, has seen a lot of stupid projects crop up, but @Kretzschmar and I have compiled a list of what we consider to be the dumbest shit we had seen on the over the past couple of years or so. And somehow, MIRACULOUSLY, so many of these projects met their funding goals... The Jerry power is real with these ones.



First up, we'll take a look at the SKIDDI. "SKIDDI is the first ski-wheels pocket-sized. It's 100% made in Italy and apparently a "Social good." I won't poke any fun at the poor English, because it's not the creators' first language, but how the hell can you call this a social good. That term is reserved for like, oxygen and clean water, not a 10 cent piece of plastic.

This project managed to raise $15,070 of its $10,000 goal with the help of 222 project backers. the only 222 people in the world who would find this helpful in any way. Maybe you're thinking, " huh well this looks like it may help free up a hand to carry something else". Uhhh how about no. I mean look at this...

The "problem" that this thing is looking to solve so easily done, just carry them on your shoulders like a normal person.



Please no, we don't need any more of these whack snowboard boot converter things. Every time someone asks if we sell them at the shop I work at, I lie and say no because I don't think I can do enough volunteering to make up for the kind of negative karma I'd receive for putting someone on them.

53 backers managed to throw away $9,502 of the $8,000 funding goal proposed by the founders.

"No more boot bang or bruised shins. (you boots don't fit and you've got trash form) No more bulky, heavy boots that are difficult to walk in. ( snowboard boots are still a long way from your white Nikes) Nomore reasons to stay off the mountain. ( I've been banned from every major resort in the northeast, help me with THAT then you can make that claim) Be HAPPY on the hill again. The MADJACKS is designed as a comfortable alternative to the traditional, uncomfortable and stiff, alpine ski boot."



Ok, I will say that in theory, this is kinda a cool idea and as I'm writing this, I'm wondering if it really deserves a spot on this list. I mean, it looks like a good time, cruzin around and everything, but there is no way that this thing doesn't drive someone into a mountain. The designers were smart enough to include a safety release, I will give them points for that, and honestly, it seems that they put a decent amount of time into designing, testing, and building it. However, you can't deny the fact that the creators just made this death trap incredibly accessible.

75 lazy people managed to raise $11,357 of the 11,200 required for this project to take flight.


Envy Ski Frame


Yes, this also SURPASSED its funding goal of $10,000.



Finally a project that didn't reach its goal, the MAGSHEILD. Have you ever looked at those loopy straps on your poles and just cut them off because you had no idea what they were for? of course not, so who TF thought this would be any better. Use some magnets on a weird plastic shield bolted to your poles to stop them from falling off the lift... solid.

"MAGSHIELD is the new way to ensure your poles to the chairlift, a bran new device for you and your kids ski experience!"

Imagine thinking that this ACTUALLY has some sort of useful application, bumping this thing the wrong way would send it no doubt. Just teach your kids to use the strap, hold their poles, or sit on them or something, no one needs this product to exist.


I admire the guts it takes to put your ideas out there, but my god some things just need to stay in the drafts.