The WSD is back

The World Snowboard Day is back for its 5th edition!! Building on its solid success – with 139 events organized in 34 countries in 2009 – the international snowboard community mobilizes again this year to offer the general public even more events and free activities. The World Snowboard Day will mark the beginning of the winter season on Sunday, December 19th 2010.

Organized by EuroSIMA (European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association), the Outdoor Sports Valley (European outdoor sports industry association), and the WSF (World Snowboard Federation), the World Snowboard Day is celebrating its 5th birthday. This free celebration day is the occasion to make new publics know about the wonderful world of mountains and snowboarding, share our passion for boardsports and make people aware of the delicate beauty of our environment, as well as the values of conviviality and solidarity that snowboarders are attached to.

Clubs, resorts, associations and riders who would like to organize contests and demos can register their own event on to get support in communication and get free banners, flyers, stickers and posters.

Have a look at the detailed program on the World Snowboard Day website: , and choose your favourite resort.


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