Late Thursday night, Bentley and I headed down to reno for the world premier of our movie "Overlooked."And since Bentley is so organized, we left a solid 6 hours late! So after a long tiring drive, we made it to reno.

It Even snowed on the way there!The event our movie was premiered at was known as SKIGASM. A 2 night event, featuring Theory 3's Journal, Level 1's Turbo, Rage Film's Such is Life, and of course our movie Overlooked.The Venue was at the JSTU Building at UNR, and it was one of the coolest rooms to have a premier in. 5 Screens, Tons of space, Good sound, and tons of people showed up to support us!
The Moment Lineup Posted up at the Premier
Brian and the Rest of the Acyl Crew Posted Up
Boone Skis TentWe Played some of the Bonus features from the DVD while we waited for everyone to pile into the auditorium. Some people browsed the booths, and others went around celebrating early.
random hoe...
balllinnn....Finally everyone had arrived, and we kicked off the show playing Overlooked. Everyone seemed super stoked on the movie, and the feedback we received was all positive! Couldnt Have been more stoked! And the celebration began! And while I apparently got lost and made 20$ sponsorship agreements, The Show went on playing Such is Life, followed by a huge giveaway and raffle. Some funny shit went down, stay tuned for a video soon from the premier.We Left unr, to head to the after party at fritz, where everyone had a good time, and was stoked on everything.
DOS and the Boone Team
Chillin with the Deane
Spittin Game...
Boone killin it
Ringo Made an AppearanceSoon the night came to an end, who knows what happened, but it was dope! Big thanks to the whole SKIGASM Crew, Moment Skis, Boone Skis, ACYL Clothing, Koncept Clothing, Jex & Joel, Fritz, and anyone else who came to support us. Hope you all liked the movie, and order your copy today! http://www.dosmedia.netWe have alot of edits about to drop, so be stoked, Jibassic Pro, Boreal, and the premier all coming soon!Also Come to COCC october 30th at the Hitchcock Auditorium, Bend OR 6:30 for our Bend Premier.
end of the night.