China really wants a piece of the winter sports pie it seems. After yesterday's announcement of a possible acquisition of Amer Sports by a Chinese constortium, it emerges that KOP Properties is building the world's largest indoor ski resort in Shanghai.

According to KOP's site, the Wintastar resort will span "approximately 245,000 ft2, providing residents and visitors with year-round access to the world’s largest indoor Ski & Snow Park that will span 97,000 ft2 sqm, featuring a combination of three ski slopes of varying gradients including a slope of Olympics standard for training." There's also plenty of other onsite facilities included in the package, so it's safe to say that if you go for a visit and mom doesn't ski, she'll still have a good time.

The resort theme will be modeled after the Alps. Does that mean we will have some castle-esque park features like this from LTC? Fingers crossed.

If they're including "a slope of Olympics standard for training", that must mean a park is included, right? Wintastar isn't opening until 2022, just in time for the Winter Olympics in China that year, so hopefully a dope park is in the works.