On Thursday we stopped by the KAB Rails shop to check out the progress on the new Saga x Windells collab feature for this Summer. I won’t give away all the secrets of whats to be when the feature is finished but below is the work in progress, see you this summer.

Inside these two doors is where your favorite features are conceptualized and built by the KAB crew. With a client list that includes premier resorts, summer camps and traveling rail jam setups they have literally done it all, and that’s just the snow side they can also build you a skatepark if that’s what your looking for.
I always have a tremendous amount of respect for the people who can make their passion become a reality. These dudes just wanted to ride all the time and it was in the raw materials of the snow/skate scene where they found a place to call home. Now that home has turned into an empire of feature developing, building and maintaining, another testament to hard work pays off.
Mouse was welding the frame work together on the Saga x Windells feature when we arrived.
Built Bomb Proof.
Enough snow rakes for an entire army.