so i have been working this spring since before the leaves appeared on the trees. i have made a lot of progress so far. i plan to do a lot more but here are some pictures of some of the cutting and clearing i have finished. just for reference, the bike in the pictures is a kona stinky dee-lux. and the dirt bike is a crf150f.


Big Road Gap.

it is over a trail at my mountain.


the in-run. still needs some trimming:


Small Road Gap.

just a gap over a logging trail in the woods. the tree by the take-off is tail tap-able. it is pretty fun.

Plattekill Riders

a group of cliffs that has a lot of possibilities. there are a lot of different places to drop it. this one is still in progress.

top of the cliffs:

tallest cliff


a little bridge i built on top to make the cliff a higher drop. it is pretty big if you hit it with speed:

possible small pillow line:

another spot to drop it:

more to come!! all in good time! =]