What up NS! I just want to give you guys a a little update on my season so far. As most of you already know, the snow hasn't been as epic as most years in Whistler. But I've still managed to ski more powder this year than ever. I hope you guys have too! I started off the season with a few mogul comps which have been super fun this year.

2010 Mogul course at Cypress

 Vancouver got about 3 feet of snow in December, so I got to hit some urban with Margetts and Leigh. Great guys to ride with and I think you guys will like the shots we got.

Dan Carr photo

I also headed down to Colorado to meet up with Spriggs and Alport to do a sled skiing mission. We worked our asses off for 6 days, but every time you drop into your line you always forget about how hard you worked for a 10 second run because it’s the best feeling hopping around through fresh pow.


Hidden Treasure

A few weeks ago I got to go on another sled mission with Dane, Tim and Spriggs. It snowed 3 feet over night the second day I got there. That was by far the deepest snow I've ever skied. Surprisingly we didn't get stuck very much, thanks to our tour guides, Shandy and Penner blazin’ trail for us.

Have you ever heard of noboarding? If you haven't you gotta check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7Pgh6DvXYc&feature=related

I got to see Penner shred some pretty sick lines on his noboard. It's like surfing on snow. Pretty cool concept.

Tyler stoking the fire

Pete Alport photo

Spine of GOD zone

Above the clouds

Pete Alport photo

Thanks Dan and Pete for the photos. Hope to see some of you guys at Momentum Ski camp this summer!