For the final event of this year's Dew Tour the snow was back with a vengance. As a result the decision was made to run women's slopestyle on the rail features only. Both Kelly Sildaru and Sarah Hoefflin opted out of the event entirely as the result of knocks taken in training, leaving the field wide open.

Margaux Hackett, a last minute alternate for Sarah, opened proceedings with a clean but basic run of twos and fours. Giulia Tanno upped the tech on the first rail with a textbook KFed, but Maggie Voisin took an early lead with a blind swap up top, and a switch on front 6 on the cannon. Mathilde Gremaud had the most technical run of the day, with a Kfed on the flat down, a two on two off to switch two on the middle feature and somehow survived an edge catch on the cannon to stomp a front 4 and take the lead.

Run two went much the same as the first but. There were minor score improvements from Margaux and Giulia T, but their rankings remained the same until Johanne Killi dropped. She cleaned up her run significantly from run one, with a two to switch up top and a front 6 off the cannon at the bottom to go provisional first. Mathilde Gremaud cleaned up her first run too though and immediately retook the lead.

Her score of 94.66 looked unbeatable on the day and so it proved. Giulia Tanno improved again, but not enough to knock Maggie out third. Megan Oldham caught a tail hard on a switch tails two but somehow saved it in an otherwise dope run. But it was only enough for 5th. Maggie Voisin went so close to improving but put her hands down on her switch on front 6. But ultimately Mathilde was left with a victory lap after a stormer of a second run.



3rd Place - Maggie Voisin

2nd Place - Johanne Killi

1st Place - Mathilde Gremaud


Women's slopestyle full stream.