X Games Norway kicked off today with Women's Big Air. Scoreless judging was back and just about as confusing as ever. Consistency was heavily rewarded in Aspen, but that appeared to be less the case today in Norway. Speed also seemed to be a little of an issue, with most of the ladies coming up quite short on the jump at least a couple of times, but they threw down nonetheless.

Johanne Killi ended run one at the top of the leaderboard courtesy of a switch dub 10 safety. In the second run she stomped a switch 7 the other way, where Maggie Voisin, who crashed on run 1, put down the dub 12 and moved in to first. Giulia Tanno was taking the consistent path, with a cork 9, a switch 10 and a dub 10 safety which finally pushed her into third. Jennie Lee B oozed style as always, her switch 5 double safety a standout, something you don't see often. Run 4 saw Maggie Voisin stomp a switch 7 true nose, Johanne a cork 9 blunt and Giulia T improved her dub 10 safety significantly... she moved to second but Maggie remained on top. In the final round, Meghan Oldham, who had scrubbed on two straight dub 12 attempts, went to the moon on a dub 12 and went first despite not many landed tricks. Maggie V put down a rightside cork 9 tail... no change up top. Johanne Killi went switch bio 10 safety to back up her switch dub 10, provisional third bumping Giulia Tanno, who was last to drop. She went for the dub 12 crashing pretty hard, she looked to be ok though.

All of which meant that ultimately, Meghan Oldham took the W with her switch 10 mute, cork 9 tail and a dub 12. Others stomped more tricks... Maggie probably would have won according to the judging criteria from Aspen, but we saw a slightly different take on the scoreless judging today. Do you agree with the results?


Podium Results:

3rd Place - Johanne Killi


2nd Place - Maggie Voisin


1st Place - Megan Oldham