Shanghai Xinhua Xinhua July 21 the State Press and Publication Administration of the night on the 21st person in charge of social concern on the "World of Warcraft" examination and approval issues related to an interview with Xinhua.      

The official said that "World of Warcraft," the contents of the review process has come to an end, the specific amendments to July 19 was the official filing units. It is understood that Blizzard is focusing on the modification work carried out the wow power leveling great using.     

Taking into account the operation of agents in a large number of data conversion need to sort out, involving millions of players of vital interests. Content companies in the heavy snow at the same time modified to allow easy net from from July 30 to conduct an internal test.     

Least one player is limited to the original registration, with a focus on the players in the game to restore the data effectively. Least one period, the operating company need World of Warcraft power levelling shall not be charged, may not provide the new account registration, take all necessary measures to effectively safeguard the interests of the original players.      

The official said that the network is easy and the snow as soon as possible the company shall be required to modify the game to ensure that the game content is in line with state laws and regulations; net NINETOWNS easy and should give full attention to the reasonable demands of the majority of players in a highly responsible spirit return of service and good players for their support and love.      

World of Warcraft" is a famous game company by the United States produced by Blizzard Entertainment, a network game, the Chinese market, the number of active players close to five million, accounting for "World of Warcraft" players the number of the world's 30%. In April this year, Blizzard put an end to domestic agents NINETOWNS companies.      

And "World of Warcraft power levelling" has yet to re-line operators, which have purchased or stored costs Card impatient users, gamers have been initiated by various human rights activities, services or request a refund as soon as possible open.