Meet Andy Parry. You know him and his 'Wizard Tricks' from every episode of Line Traveling Circus, or maybe you even had the chance to share some conversation over a slice of pizza on one of the stops of the Tell A Friend Tour. These days, he's tucked into his home in Government Camp, Oregon pursuing his latest endeavor, Wizardz Wax.

During it's first season, Wizardz Wax will offer a warm wax, cold wax, and jib wax. Emily Tidwell photo.

Where did you get the idea for Wizardz Wax? In what ways did you see an opening for improvement?

Long drives and a lot of thinking many years ago. This year I finally said, "fuck it" and I started Wizardz Wax. Why not. I don't ever see myself improving on current formulas of wax considering the amount of chemistry that goes into it. I want to keep it simple, cheap and aimed at the needs of freeskiers.

What distinguishes wizard wax from other companies who have been in production for decades?

Wizard Wax is really the only freeskiing orientated wax company. You have snowboard and race brands but no one that purely freeskiing. I'm focusing directly on the needs of people like myself.

Parry pouring the wax for shaping. Emily Tidwell photo.

How did you go about product testing? Was there a lot of trial and error?

I gave out more then 60lbs of wax this spring and summer at Mount Hood. People gave me feed back and I adjusted things based on that. I had a lot of trial and error finding the best wax, temperatures and mixtures. It was more of a learning curve then I had expected.

How are you anticipating keeping up with production during the ski season, do you make it all in ­home?

I make it at home and have no idea how I'm going to do everything this winter. Right now I'm cooking everyday so I can build up a good inventory until I start to travel more.

Knight's helm mold. Emily Tidwell photo.

What different products do you offer?

Right now only a small handful. Warm wax, cold wax, jib wax, and a tee shirt. I want to keep things simple at the moment to see how things sell.

Product Testing. Emily Tidwell photo.

Although Andy couldn't reveal all his secrets, he did suggest that space magic and alien technology are the main ingredients to these majestic masterpieces.


The website should be done soon. Keep an eye out at: Thanks! Buy some wax!