Witt Sherman Foster the V the Interview!

Witt what

have you been up to this year?

Lots of pow

skiing in Utah! The snow has been super good all year, so I have been having a

great time getting out and hitting a bunch of jumps. I started filming with AJ

from 4bi9, so I have spent a lot of time goofing around in the backcountry with

those guys. The school year is almost over for me as well, I take a few tests

when I get back from Oregon, and that’s it. 

What brings

you out to Windells so early this year?


puts on this really cool event called the West Coast Session. They just invite a

bunch of skiers to come in and shoot on some big jumps and rail setups.

Windells is nice enough to put everyone up in their baller cabins for the


Upon your

return to camp, have you noticed anything new?

There is a

lot of cool new stuff going on around the camp. All of the skate features are

looking sick, and it looks like they are about to pour a brand new mini cement

ramp with a spine. I peeked into BOB for a second too, and there is a ton of

new features in there as well. There is also a whole lot of RedBull stuff

hanging out in the back office, so it seems like the camp might have some new

sponsors too.

How long are you going to be coaching for this summer and,

what are you most pumped on coming into the summer?

Ill be around camp at the end of May to help get stuff

ready, then I’ll be coaching at each session for the rest of the summer. Thanks

to RedBull it sounds like there are going to be a ton of new features up on the

lane too, so that should definitely be fun. This summer is also looking like it’s

going to have more skiers than any summer so far, so that will definitely be


If you could be animal fictional or non-fictional what would

you be?

One of those half man half horse combo’s. Then you can rip

around the forest and still wield a mace.