Kevin Pearce is critically injured after a fall in Park City, UT. For the full article from the New York Times, CLICK HERE.

Kevin's injury serves as one of the sad truths of action sports.

Given the risks we take, injuries are a common occurrence. Athletes

deal with them on a seasonal basis, people heal, and despite gravity's

best effort to thwart our progress, we persevere and continue

participating in the sports we love. Unfortunately, certain injuries

alter athletes permanently, and in certain instances, end the lives of

those we love. During difficult times of healing, it is important to

embrace the positive, and pray for all those who have fallen

participating in activities they love. While Kevin heals, rest assured

our thoughts and prayers will be with him throughout the process. While

recovering from your holiday celebrations, make sure to thank those

around you for their support and always wish the best for those in

pain. After all, one of the greatest weapons athletes have against

suffering is our sense of community.

Get well soon KP, you're one of the best