Summaries are so summarizing. So let's talk winter.It is now approximately 2 days since it has snowed, but none the less, it snowed. I was debating if this was a big deal or not, but since the last two days have brought below 40 degree fahrenheit weather, I am declaring winter. Any warm day from here to march will be considered a fluke. Winter was concluded by 3 separate anomalies; my father complained so much about how cold it was that he turned on the heat, it snowed (this is the obvious), and I put on my ski jacket when I became so desperate for a turkey sandwich that venturing to Arby's became a genius idea. Thanks go to Ullr and all of you who made sociopathic sacrifices. In other news. I interviewed at The North Face yesterday. It went very well. Sadly, the statement, "15 hours a week" came up and I was quickly turned off. Make me full time and I will scrub the toilets and wax the floors if that is what I need to do for hours.I did however realize that I am fairly caught up in the website world right now. I'm pretty sure I could make another 1 or 2 of those. People tell me I'm good until I compare myself to the minds of xy-1 then I realize that they are a creative group and I am one person charging significantly less.Any hot chicks out there want to start a real "ski porn" website? I'm not exactly sure how that would work yet, but it could make both of us a lot of money.