Released in Fall, a spectacular 52-minute documentary reveals the incredible lives of probably the most ski-obsessed family in the world. "Most people will only know us from competitions, now they can see what we're really like," says Jossi Wells.

For the past two years "Winter of Wells" has enjoyed cult status: hundreds of thousands of viewers have followed the 22 episodes of the online documentary about Jossi Wells and his family. But that's not enough, according to director Tim Pierce: since the start of the year he has been shooting a DVD documentary about Jossi, Byron, Beau and Jackson Wells and their parents Bruce and Stacey. "The story of the Wells family is one of the most exciting tales there has ever been in action sports," says Pierce, "Which is why I want to introduce this unique family, which has spawned four of the most talented freeskiers in the world."

Bruce, Jackson, Beau-James, Jossi, Byron & Stacey Wells. Photo by Tim Pierce

Up close and personal with an exceptional family

The story of the Wells brothers is truly unprecedented: Jossi Wells (21) is the 2010 Dew Tour Cup Champion, AFP Halfpipe Champion and AFP Overall World Champion, Byron (18) achieved his first Dew Tour podium in Snowbasin last season, and youngest brothers Beau-James (15) and Jackson (13) are cleaning up by winning every contest in their age groups. "This documentary offers an unprecedented insight into the Wells family, their day-to-day lives and their values," says Pierce, creator of the "Winter of Wells" web series. Viewers are given a first-hand opportunity to see how the rivalry between Jossi and Byron affects the family dynamic, to hear what father Bruce (who works for the Ski Patrol) has to say about his boys' fame, and to understand why Jesus accompanies the highly devout boys every day they hit the slopes. "The best bit is," says Jossi, "that we get to control everything. We are able to explain our story as we see it – and we can be sure that people get to know us as we really are."

More action than ever before

The most important part of the documentary is, of course, the action on the slopes, for which all four brothers use the same equipment from Atomic: "We had more time and production was more professional than for our web clips. So the DVD turned out to be like 'Winter of Wells' on steroids: everything is bigger, more exciting and more spectacular than anything the fans have seen before." The latest web episode of "Winter of Wells" includes a teaser, offering a glimpse behind the scenes during the early stages of the shooting of the documentary: "We used remote control helicopters to shoot some of the footage, providing a new slant on the tricks performed by the boys."

"Winter of Wells – The Documentary" will be released online and on DVD in fall 2011.